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ACTION THREE CONTINUED: Town Hall for the 15th Congressional District

The public is invited to “Voices from Illinois’ 15th Congressional District”, a town hall meeting organized by the Charleston Women’s March Huddle Group. It will be held Wednesday, April 19th from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Charleston Public Library (712 Sixth St.) in the Rotary Room. Invited speakers are U.S. Rep. John Shimkus and Democratic challenger Carl Spoerer. Speakers will answer questions from the audience. Please arrive several minutes early if you want to sign up to ask a question. Residents of the 15th Congressional District wanting to ask questions will be required to give their name and city to verify that they are constituents.

Town Hall Report:

We had a fantastic town hall last night! A crowd of 70 people attended and responded positively to all the speakers. Twenty-four speakers voiced their concerns and questions and Carl Spoerer answered all that were addressed to him. We were surprised that no Shimkus supporters spoke up on his behalf. Thank you to all the Huddle members who helped make this event possible - Bonnie Buckley and Jane Wilson for coordinating the questions, Paula Enstrom for working the signup table and timing the speakers, Nikki Davidson and Jane Wilson for taking notes, Karen Armstrong for livestreaming the event (as WiFi allowed) on our Facebook page, Kathy Armstrong for sending out the press releases to 20 newspapers, Karen Clausing for providing the posters and handouts on healthcare, Jessica Mertz for designing our advertising poster and the Shimkus cutout for the event, Jenny White and Sue Dhermy for advertising, Gail Mason for moderating, organizers Joanne Crawford and Cindy Adams, Gary Fritz for video recording the event, and everyone who helped setup and takedown the Rotary Room at the library. Thank you to everyone else who stepped up to help - there were so many details to take care of. We are doing a good job of working together. Let's keep doing it. This is what a grassroots movement looks like!

We will follow up the town hall by sending a transcript of our voices to Shimkus.

We are Keeping the Momentum Going!

The live streaming video is at

The written transcript of the evening (thank you to Jane and Nikki) is at

Our missing Congressman: (photo by Jenny White and poster by Jessica Mertz)